By: Sam Pulling

Mobile advertising is on the rise, with Snapchat being its new taker. With the recent update, Snapchat introduced the “Discovery” section of their app. Digital and interactive advertisements are available for different brands, which viewers can browse at their own pace. Some brands featured include: CNN, Cosmopolitan, People and Yahoo!.

According to Adweek, Snapchat charges a hefty fee for these ads. Adweek reported that the cost for brands to advertise with Snapchat is $750,000 per day. These Snapchat ads are unique in that they are disappearing ads. Brands are paying top dollar for ads that users may only see for a few seconds.

The “Discovery” section seems to be becoming the next news source for millennials. The Daily Mail, CNN and Yahoo! News all feature discovery stories and advertisements in the section, making access to news easier than before. Snapchat users can log into the “Discovery” section, spend two minutes looking over discoveries and be updated on news for the day.

However, Snapchat is not new to brands. Several brands have their own Snapchat usernames that people can send snaps to. These snaps are often collected and used in the brand’s story. One brand that uses this new way of brand management is Jimmy John’s. Different challenges are posted throughout the day and users can send in snaps to be possibly featured.

Snapchat may be the next influential factor in the advertising world.

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