By: Simran Devidasani

College is the starting place of where you shape your future. No matter what career path you may choose, obtaining a minor is a good way to supplement what you’ve learned.

On Wednesday, February 25, the Illinois American Advertising Federation’s (AAF) Diversity committee held the first iteration of  its “Minorpalooza” series where AAF members spoke about the added benefits of their minor(s). Since double majoring with the majors in the College of Media is not allowed, these individuals chose to supplement their education with minors such as Asian American Studies, Informatics, Latino/Latina Studies, Portuguese, Sociology and Anthropology.

Elizabeth Morales, Vice President of Diversity and panelist, spoke about her experience with Latino/Latina studies (LLS). She emphasized that LLS focuses not just on Latino culture, but also on inclusivity, immigration, mental health and her speciality—bridging the gap between multimedia and Latino culture. Morales feels that Latino culture is often portrayed negatively in American media. Through minoring in LLS, it has helped her to focus on reaching out and incorporating the Latino population in a positive light on media.

According to eMarketer, marketers are increasing the digital media budget for multicultural outreach.  Since this multicultural field is growing rapidly, her minor in Latino Studies enables her job opportunities to increase. Similarly, Marianne Bellorin‘s minors in Portuguese and Informatics have helped broaden her horizons as well. Taking up different minors give students an opportunity to learn and be open minded about people from different backgrounds, which can ultimately spark creative motivation.

For Melisa Lee, Vice President of Pangaea, her Asian American helps her bring a unique perspective and culture to agencies. According to Fastweb, employers suggest that students take up a minor for their future desire of working with different companies. Lee hopes to work in multicultural advertising.

Senior Matthew Renne is pursuing a minor in Informatics, which he says is the combination of sociology and technology communications. The minor uses this combination of the two fields to see how human interactions shape society. Since the minor opens with regards to classes, students can develop their experience according to how it fits with their course track.

Junior Trevor Zaucha spoke about his experience with minors in Anthropology and sociology. Zaucha defined anthropology as the study of people and culture, while sociology focuses on societal structures. These two minors are broken down into diverse subgroups—everything from labor, LGBT digital communities and more. By obtaining minors in these two fields, Zaucha has been able to get a better grasp on understanding people and why they act the way they do. This education helps him better pursue research and strategy in advertising and elsewhere.

Minors allow students to explore a different field that they are potentially interested in. Given that the College of Media also requires many hours outside of the college, obtaining a minor is a beneficial way to meet those requirements.


Written by Ad Buzz

The American Advertising Federation Illinois Chapter brings to you Ad Buzz, a blog dedicated to all things advertising related, from our favorite campaigns to trends going on in the industry.

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