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By Shannon Jameson 

Current society already uses the internet to rate everything– from hotels to businesses, restaurants, and even college professors. But what if you could rate other people?

This concept is exactly the premise of Peeple, a new app in development whose shares put its value at $7.6 million. The app, developed by Nicole McCullough and Julia Cordray, is called the “Yelp For Humans.” With a launch date slated for November 2015, as long as users have a Facebook profile, Peeple provides users the ability to rate those they know with one-to-five star ratings.  However, the app has faced criticisms due to the inability to opt out of the Peeple system or delete negative or biased reviews.

The developers quote the need for an app to market yourself, showcase your character, and research the people you meet. However, there are some precautions Cordray and McCullough took into consideration with the app. In order to post a review, users must be at least 21 years old and have a Facebook profile. All reviews will be posted under a legal name and users must affirm the relationship with the rated person in one of three categories: personal, professional or romantic. Positive ratings post immediately, and negative ratings are held in a private inbox for 48 hours in case of contention.

Peeple has become a victim of a myriad of backlash, mainly stemming from its invasive and objectifying nature. The app transforms private interactions to a public performance. Everything individuals perform are judged and recorded. If put on the market, Peeple will dramatically change the way humans interact, market and advertise themselves.

“All that matters is what people say about us,” Cordray said. “What will people say about you?”


Written by Ad Buzz

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