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By Rachel Ramos

American Girl has recently launched a campaign entitled “The Pledge.” This campaign goes beyond the brand’s famous products, toy dolls, to present a message and movement to its most popular consumers– younger females. American Girl products have allowed girls to express their individuality, and “The Pledge” presents an addition to this company’s mission.

In the past, American Girl products focused on empowering the individual. This brand has set itself in a new direction to expand upon its original mission and show that girls can be powerful collectively. “The Pledge” was a result from the brand’s research that showed girls feeling increasingly isolated, despite the increase in outlets for communication.

Upon viewing the television advertisement for “The Pledge,” it is clear that this brand is following the footsteps of many others to align its business with the idea of female empowerment. However, American Girl Doll builds upon this message by expressing the importance in unifying all girls. American Girl wants “The Pledge” to help younger females realize that by building a community, girls will be able to feel stronger and discover their potential through a community of support and encouragement.

The television advertisement for this campaign shows a group of unique, diverse females discussing what they are “pledging” in order to support one another. Anyone is invited to join this movement by publicly pledging what they will do to unite all girls. Currently, there are 8,698 pledges.

Although this is an advertisement for American Girl, not once have their products been highlighted or promoted. Instead, it focuses on the pure message that the company is hoping to communicate to younger females in hopes of starting a global movement.

With the increase in outlets and use of mass media, it is important for younger females to see campaigns that focus on female empowerment and promote positive images. American Girl’s campaign presents similar messages and movements as other big brands like Dove and Always. The emergence and continuance of these campaigns will continue to circulate in the mass media as long as big brands are campaigning for a unified, strong female community.  

To become a part of American Girl’s movement, share your strength to make all girls stronger, and make a pledge.


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