Photo by Deanne Chun

By Deanne Chun

Last month, Will Leitch –a founding editor of Deadspin– visited the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to deliver a speech about his own experiences in becoming an editor and his knowledge on working in the media industry.

Leitch thoroughly discussed his experiences as he explained the aspects of working in the media field. He highlighted the importance of standing out among others in order to catch the public’s attention.

“If you find what you want to do, it’s going be something different than what somebody else is doing,” he said. “The way to stand out is to literally be yourself, because no one else is like you.”

Because the media constantly and rapidly changes, Leitch described the media industry as a difficult yet enjoyable field for individuals who truly have aspirations in media. He also emphasized the importance of keeping track of this change and how significant it is to acknowledge the movement.

“It’s media, everything switches in six-months,” said Leitch.

Moreover, Leitch also pointed out how crucial it is to have an exceptional style that separates from the norms, because constantly going along with trends eventually leads to loss of uniqueness.

He finished his speech and answered questions from the audience. Numerous individuals were raising their hands, hoping to get inspired by his advice. He enthusiastically answered the students by applying his own experience to the questions.

Leitch’s humorous, yet professional presentation provoked the audience’s interest by conveying a brief overview of how the media industry operates in current society.

Overall, Leitch’s speech informed and encouraged many of the audience members as they received various information about the practical aspects of working in the media field. Perhaps his intention was to simply give a realistic aspect on what it’s like to work in the media industry.


Written by Ad Buzz

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