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By Daniel Stillman

Snapchat, the popular photo-sharing app that Millennials love, has over 100 million active daily users. The popularity of this app has skyrocketed over the past year and brands are starting to take notice.

In June, Snapchat let advertisers make branded geofilters in order to allow users to access them while they’re at any business locations. McDonald’s was the first brand to take part in this. Users can walk into any McDonald’s in America and can take a selfie with fries and a hamburger.

However, the biggest change to Snapchat came recently with the addition of new Snapchat Lenses. Snapchat has six daily lenses that users can use. The unique thing about these lenses is that they’re interactive and animated, which is different from the branded stickers that users are used to. The lenses include a sick face, blow a kiss face, and even a vomit-out-a-rainbow face.

The lenses are another cool addition for Snapchat, but it shouldn’t stop there. Brands need to optimize on these new Snapchat features to increase their brand awareness. Snapchat just announced a week ago that they are planning to charge brands up to $750,000 for a branded lense on peak days (like holidays) and $450,000 on non-peak time for brands.

In my opinion, a brand like Skittles should have an interactive rainbow full of Skittles as their lense. This lense would be appealing to the eye in a photo and people would love to play with it in the application.

If brands start capitalizing on this innovative feature of Snapchat, I believe their brand awareness will increase dramatically and they will become known by over 100 million active daily users. Snapchat isn’t the best app to sell a product, but it’s an ideal app.

No brands have taken this opportunity yet, but I suggest every brand targeting the Millennials and Generation Z market to take advantage of this opportunity first, so that the teenage consumers can see them, before their competitors. Snapchat advertising is currently a best way to reach the teenage demographics.


Written by Ad Buzz

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