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By Deanne Chun

Facebook is one of the most used social media websites in current society. Despite some criticisms and controversies that Facebook has encountered over the past eleven years, Facebook continues to reach its maximum number of users.

The company recently announced that Facebook has reached one billion daily users, and the rate of users is still increasing at this very moment.

The history of Facebook begins with Mark Zuckerberg creating “” as a Harvard sophomore. The website was initially limited to Harvard students, and it gradually expanded throughout the states, then eventually became accessible to anyone with internet. 

The website’s initial purpose was quite different compared to the features of the current website – it was initially used to rate people by allowing users to choose who is “hotter than the other.” Now, Facebook has become one of the greatest universal websites that helps individuals from all over the world to constantly connect and communicate with one another.

Facebook has now become the social media website that owns the largest number of daily users. Numerous companies make partnerships with Facebook in order to advertise their products, and users become exposed to these type of advertisements as they continue to integrate this website as part of their identities.

People constantly upload pictures and videos on Facebook to “treasure” their valuable moments. However, this initial concept gradually loses its meaning as people start to focus on the self-publicizing aspect.

Facebook has become a medium that defines and performs identities, and individuals represent themselves through uploading certain statuses or photos. Users naturally tend to upload their “happiest” moments, for it is every individual’s desire to share their ideal reality.

Companies use this aspect as part of their strategies in order to maximize their profit, and Facebook also continues to develop its features in order to increase the number of users.

Perhaps, Facebook is slowly controlling identities through using its complex relationship with advertising companies.


Written by Ad Buzz

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