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By Jennifer Suta

Netflix, along with other typical video streaming websites, has produced their fair share of TV commercials, online advertisements and billboards. However, the company did not have to spend any time or money to achieve potentially one of the largest campaigns of its time. With the website’s increasing popularity, Netflix has gained a large audience of teenagers and young adults. The generation has procured the viral phrase, “Netflix and Chill,” which implies watching online TV shows and videos with a friend while hanging out.

The phrase has become one of the most widely used slogans among teens within this generation. Facebook status updates, snapchat stories and twitter feeds are filled with statuses that state, “Who wants to Netflix and chill tonight?” or “I’m in the mood to Netflix and Chill.” These words are seen and heard almost everywhere in current society. Even those who do not have a Netflix account are constantly exposed to these words. So, who are the ones that are not tired of hearing this familiar phrase?

Employees from Netflix actually rejoice each time an individual updates their status as “Netflix and Chill.” The website’s consumers have created a viral ad campaign that is certainly profiting the company.

According to, sales from 2012 to 2013 increased by .76 billion dollars, while from 2013 to 2014, sales increased by 1.13 billion. The revenue has been exponential ever since the expression has been coined by the public. Based on the statistics, Netflix has surely been lucky, and the company does not even have to bother making their own advertisements if they do not feel that it is necessary.


Written by Ad Buzz

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