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By Jennifer Suta

The classic Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show never fails to maintain its immense popularity each year. The energy and excitement for this year’s show is already increasing, and it will not be broadcasted on CBS until December 8. Pictures from the taping of the show have recently been released, and they have already been marketed across a large audience.

Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid are two celebrities that have incomparably been in headlines. The fame of these two models still continues to grow, and with this, all of their followers and fans will be more inclined to watch the fashion show.

Without doubt, celebrities are often used within advertisements in order to attract a large number of audience. Companies have been using this tactic since the early history of advertising.

Typically models in fashion shows are simply “a face behind the clothes,” but in this case more viewers will be looking forward to seeing the familiar faces of Kendall and Gigi walking the runway, rather than focusing on the actual clothing that these models will be wearing.

Kendall has accumulated over 41 million Instagram followers with almost 2 million likes on each of her latest pictures from the fashion show. Gigi has 8 million followers and nearly 1 million likes. These celebrities’ fans will surely tune into the show when it soon airs on TV.

Perhaps, the Victoria’s Secret fashion show has become more concerned with the advertisements and ratings than it has in the past few years. Whatever the case, the upcoming show is sure to be one for the records.


Written by Ad Buzz

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