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By Cassidy Kloss

Dating and relationships have become rare in today’s society. The act of asking someone on a date, picking them up, and taking them to dinner is not something our generation is necessarily familiar with. We can claim that various factors have contributed to this dating epidemic – our generation is mostly familiar with the effects of social media on relationships.

Whether it’s Tinder, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Bumble, social media is no stranger to a relationship drama. We have turned into a generation where “swiping right” is a form of flattery. Social media has made it possible for guys and girls to stray from the previously held social norms of dating. Instagram and Facebook posts have become a socially acceptable way to tell your significant other how much you care about them.

These media outlets have not only affected the way in which relationships and “things” begin, but it has also influenced the post-breakup commotion that follows. People have turned apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook into forms of revenge on their ex to create competition and jealousy.

Snapchat had the “Best Friends” feature not too long ago. This allowed all of your fellow Snapchat friends to view the top three individuals you had been snapchatting most frequently. Personally, I had my fair share of drama due to the this feature, and I can name countless of others who dealt with the same issue. This simple act of allowing others to view your most frequent snapchat friend turned into something that could, unfortunately, cause many problems in one’s love life.

Over the years, tweeting has become a popular source for news, celebrity gossip, feelings, song lyrics and much more. However, who you follow, what you select as “favorite,” and the subtle or passive aggressive tweets that you make (which we all know are clearly directed at someone) have become an all-too-familiar form of flirting or fighting. Our technologically advanced generation has found a way to integrate almost every form of social media into romance.

This is not to say that social media is a negative component by any means. It provides us with updates, news, outlets for thoughts and emotions, and it allows us to keep in touch with people worldwide. The negative aspects that come from it, however, are created by society, which interferes with certain aspects of life..

Until we move past our obsession and fixation on how we are perceived by our followers and Tinder matches, we will not be able to fix this dating epidemic that is realistically affecting our society.


Written by Ad Buzz

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