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By Sofia Garfias-Yi

Back in the day before the internet, messages travelled only as fast as word-of-mouth. However, with the introduction of the internet and its globalizing powers, messages can instantly travel around the world from one person to millions. Like most things in life, this advancement has had both its positive and negative consequences. On one hand, fans are now able to follow updates from their favorite celebrities and brands by accessing all public information about them in mere seconds. On the other hand, what happens when a celebrity or brand does not want certain information posted online? Often, once the information is out (and even taken down), it continues to circulate in every crevice of the internet. Even individuals without access to the web find out by a source of viva voce.

These scandals, often devastating for those involved, pique the interest of the public and provide topics of discussion among those who follow the story. In the world of consumerism, the information does not always have to be about an individual. Rather, product leaks are a popular point of interest for many consumers. Two of the most well-known tech companies, Samsung and Apple, are known to constantly release new products almost every year. New technology often creates better, more efficient and aesthetically pleasing products. As a result, loyal customers are constantly on their toes as they seek to find out about the next product.

However, is the next “best product” really a secret? A topic trending a few weeks ago was leaked information about the Samsung Galaxy S7.  While the idea of leaking information initially brings to mind panicked CEOs and PR professionals trying to clean up the spilled information, further thought produces a different picture. A simple web search of products that are not for sell (such as the Samsung Galaxy S7 or iPhone 7) pull up various articles of tech websites analyzing and dissecting the leaked information. It is a dream come true for customers who absolutely cannot wait to see what their favorite companies are up to. These articles reveal the genius behind product leaks. Leaks undeniably draw attention and advertise the new product, revealing enough novel and intriguing information to seem accidental. It also discloses little enough to retain a mysterious element and are not always a mistake. Moreover, some companies perpetuate them – but not explicitly to the extent we know how or by who the information was leaked. After all, this increased interest benefits the company itself.

But of course, it is all in moderation. While leaks can pique interest in possible consumers, it can also water down the surprising element of a new product reveal. Furthermore, if too much information is leaked, the company may appear as one that cannot protect its own information. While there are certainly unintentional leaks that can damage the company, it is undeniable that these companies have figured out how to gain some from losing some.


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