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By Courtney Lawless

Look around any big city, billboard or advertisement– we are overwhelmed by photos of beautiful people who portray the idea of perfection. Society has reshaped the concept of the ideal male and female. The majority of these images, which we are bombarded with on a day-to-day basis, consist of models and well-known celebrities. However, it is crucial to acknowledge that these images have also been photoshopped and edited.

Everywhere we look, the media is portraying girls to look a certain way. These unrealistic portrayals create false views of what young children should strive to look like as they grow older. With these expectations from society, we start to possess dissatisfactions with the way we look, talk, dress, eat and behave on a daily basis. Consequently, many companies have come up with certain apps that allow users to edit their pictures.

When searching the term “Photo Editor” in the App Store, several apps (both free and paid) are represented through features that allow people to edit their face and body. I have personally had friends who use these types of apps in order to edit their pictures before they upload them to their social media accounts. Some of these apps include FaceTune and InstaBeauty. These apps completely change the original picture as users alter them to look more desirable. These apps have the capabilities to make someone appear skinnier, remove blemishes, whiten teeth, darken eyes and many more. The goal of these apps is simple: to help individuals create the “perfect” version of themselves.

Since many teenagers are not familiar with photo-editing applications, their edited pictures are typically noticeable to an outsider. People often desire to look “perfect,” especially in pictures, which leads individuals to edit themselves into a completely different person. Due to this excessiveness, the changes are instantly noticeable to viewers. For example, a friend of mine was using a resizing tool in order to make her arm look thinner. Instead of just making her arm look smaller, the window next to her was distorted along with her edits.

While these various editing apps may allow users to look appealing, it is subconsciously allowing people of all ages to believe that their current look is not acceptable.

Perhaps, society must advocate for change in order to fix this issue.


Written by Ad Buzz

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