Glad you asked! Ad Buzz is a weekly blog for AAF members, prepared and published by the AAF Illinois Internal Communications committee.

With positions available for writers and editors, AdBuzz is an excellent way for any aspiring journalist or PR professional to develop the skills needed for a career in media, and to begin putting together pieces for their portfolio. While AdBuzz will continue to write about the media and advertising industries, this year we will focus more heavily on representing, through articles and interviews, the exciting things that all of AAF’s committees are doing. Think of it like a company blog, or newsletter. To supplement this, we’ll have review seminars that will allow writers to get feedback on their work and ideas, along with workshops focusing on the techniques and practices that make for an effective wordsmith. For those who are unsure of what they’d like to do in AAF, this is a great way to participate while building a body of work that you can be proud to show employers. Regardless of your major, we’re always looking for people with a passion for words and storytelling, and editors with a keen sense for the craft.