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By Deanne Chun

Coca-Cola has continuously been favored by consumers for a long period of time. The company progresses through history as it constantly develops strategies that aim to target the audience. Through using various tactics such as commodifying and consuming, the company succeeds to sell their product along with the value of “happiness.”

The Coca-Cola ads generally express a tone of joy, which associates the feeling with the product. The company intentionally seeks to create this type of correlation to increase the effects of their advertising strategy. By using “happy moments,” viewers unconsciously observe Coca-Cola as something that is connected with these idealistic scenes.

Coca-Cola’s Smile Back commercial represents the classic content of the commercials promoted by the company. The commercial intends to associate the concept of “smile” with Coca-Cola, which generates an energetic and jubilent feeling. It also conveys an overall theme of smiling at strangers, and if the other individual smiles back, the subject hands a free Coca-Cola drink to the stranger. The company promoted this act in numerous countries to express a sense of unification and harmony.

This commercial specifically aims to create an emotional appeal by eliminating critical perspectives of typical ads. The product is considered as an association rather than the major focus, whereas the main theme of the commercial is to simply smile and spread happiness.

The brand also uses colors in order to persuade the audience. Coca-Cola, which is identified with a red theme, includes that color in every commercial. Perhaps, the company strives to associate red with Coca-Cola, even on a daily basis. It seems as though they do this by constantly reminding the consumers about the product through visual features.

Coca-Cola commercials always tend to express the “warm and fuzzy” feeling that displays the idealistic moments. Each portrayed scene, which are conceivable, leads the consumers to assume that these moments may happen in real life after purchasing the product.

Even to this day, Coca-Cola’s silent, yet clever strategy helps the company to survive the competitive advertising industry.


Written by Ad Buzz

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